Our Authors

Our authors include both established authors and new authors.
Al Hrubetz is our first author to write a memoir highlighting his sixty-three years searching for oil across six continents. His book, A Geophysicist’s Memoir: Searching for Oil on Six Continents, begins with his life as a young boy and continues with his experiences in the Marine Corp, working at Conoco and Texas Pacific Oil, and finally establishing his own company, Hrubetz Oil Company.
Jack Duffy has always had an interest in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is not surprising then, that he should write the book: The Man From 2063.
Award-winning author, Jacqueline Hannah, has excelled with short stories as well as historical fiction, devotionals, and romance. She belongs to Mustard Seed Writers group based in Alliance, Texas and serves as secretary on their board. She also belongs to a group responsible for tutoring her budding writing career, Oregon Christian Writers.
Larry D. Ellis is our newest author. His newly released book, Gringos in the Americas, is a departure from his prior works. Larry has over forty years of creative experience as an entrepreneur: founding and operating small businesses in radio broadcasting, telecommunications engineering, computer software, and music and book publishing. He also has extensive experience traveling within Latin America. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters and Doctorate from Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He has authored a number of books on small business management as well as several areas of Christian theology.
Perry Cockerell completed the third book of his Private War trilogy in January 2019. The third installment, entitled Tatiana’s War, takes the beloved characters from the first and second novels into both the future and the past, as the original story trails into the final novel of the trilogy. To discover how the book ends, you will be required to understand the secret of the universe.
R. Lee Barrett is a Fort Worth attorney who completed his first novel, Barge Pilot, in 2012. His book was a second-round contender in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.
Risa Brown is currently under contract with Alliance to produce a book planned for release in September 2019. She is the author of fourteen books, many of which are still available on Amazon. Her most recent book is entitled MariCruz: The Change (Transform).
In a career that is blooming, Tamika Reynolds is one of many young American writers celebrating her first published book, A Whirlwind of Life; Genres of Poetry, a variety of poems on life, love, family and so much more. Tamika has established herself as a writer who can passionately motivate and inspire others through her writing.
An immigrant from San Pedro Sula, Honduras that moved to the U.S. with his parents and siblings in 2005. Leo Bados Jr persistently chased the american dream and became a published author, leader, expert sales trainer, businessman, and consultant for start up entrepreneurs in the United States. Leo is also the Founder of Agent to Agency QL (forinsurancepeople.com). A platform and software management company that allows insurance brokers to build, own and lead their potential or current insurance agency in a completely new way. He has been able to continually apply his online expertise to insurance brokers all across the United States. He is introducing the idea of efficient connection of today’s technology, for a more profitable future with insurance people.
Hank graduated high school with honors academically and in sports. He enrolled in college in 1963 and, after a year, dropped out to volunteer for the US Army. He finished first in his class at the NCO Academy and went to Officers Candidate School. He then went to Vietnam and turned twenty-one there. After the Army, Hank bought a Harley and hit the highways and byways. He is an accomplished guitarist and blues harmonica player.