Our Authors

Albert Hrubetz III

Albert Hrubetz III, Chairman and President of Hrubetz Oil Co., has been active in the petroleum industry for 63 years. A 1953 graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geological Engineering from the Institute of Technology, St. Louis University, Hrubetz is also a graduate of the Advanced Management and Owner-President Management Program of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University. Hrubetz joined the Exploration Department of Continental Oil Co. (CONOCO) as a geophysicist in 1953. During the next 14 years, he progressed up through the ranks to Chief Geophysicist, International Exploration and Executive Assistant to President. He had executive responsibility for integrated petroleum operations in the southern U.S., CONOCO’s largest and most important profit center. He served as vice president of an independent oil company from 1968 to 1972, with worldwide responsibility for negotiations, exploration and production activities. In 1972 Hrubetz joined Texas Pacific Oil Co. as Senior VP, Exploration and International. In 1975 he was named Executive VP. He also served as a Director of Texas Pacific and as President and Director of its 17 foreign subsidiaries. He was named President of Texas Pacific Oil Co. in May 1978 and CEO in April ’79.

In 1980 Texas Pacific sold all of its domestic oil properties to Sun Oil Co. for $2.3 billion, the second-largest commercial sale in U. S. history. That year, he founded Hrubetz Oil Co. in Dallas. Hrubetz is a past Director of the American Petroleum Institute, the U. S. Oil and Gas Assoc. and Independent Petroleum Assoc. of America, past Chairman of the Texas Oil & Gas Assoc., and serves on its Executive Committee. A Trustee Associate of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, he is also a member of Dallas Geological Assoc., Dallas Geophysical Society, All-American Wildcat Committee, and Dallas Wildcat Committee. He is past president of the Dallas Petroleum Club, a Trustee Emeritus at the University of Dallas, and Advisory Board member of the Maguire Energy Institute at SMU. Hrubetz is a Knight of Malta and a Knight Commander in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Additionally, he is a recipient of the Alumni Merit Award from St. Louis University in recognition of distinguished achievement in geophysical exploration. He is the author of Maryville Illinois – Growing up During the Great Depression.

Jack Duffy

Jack Duffy has always had an interest in the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is not surprising then, that he should write the book: The Man From 2063.

Jacqueline Hannah

Award-winning author, Jacqueline Hannah, has excelled with short stories as well as historical fiction, devotionals, and romance. She belongs to Mustard Seed Writers group based in Alliance, Texas and serves as secretary on their board. She also belongs to a group responsible for tutoring her budding writing career, Oregon Christian Writers.

Jacqueline’s short story, Snow Globe, is published in the anthology, Plight Before Christmas. Her devotionals are published in both Secret Place and Upper Room.  Jacqueline served as editor with the popular online magazine Christian Pulse as well as providing articles in the “For Her” column.

Josiah—Escape From an Evil Plot is geared for readers 12-14 years old and heralds the beginning of a series of stories about old testament kids.

A second manuscript, Captive, is due for release in September 2019. Together, these two books weave historical fiction stories around actual accounts of children found within Old Testament pages—messages left in the dust for today’s youth.

“It Happened in Seattle” is a novella that easily fits within the genre of contemporary, light romance. This book is scheduled for release late August 2019.

Jacqueline’s writing reveals a passion for God’s Word and a desire to encourage readers, both young and old, with biblical truth for life lessons today.

Larry D. Ellis

Larry D. Ellis is our newest author. His newly released book, Gringos in the Americas, is a departure from his prior works. Larry has over forty years of creative experience as an entrepreneur: founding and operating small businesses in radio broadcasting, telecommunications engineering, computer software, and music and book publishing. He also has extensive experience traveling within Latin America. Larry holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters and Doctorate from Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. He has authored a number of books on small business management as well as several areas of Christian theology.

Laurie Cockerell

Laurie Cockerell is an award-winning author and formal elementary teacher. Her illustrator brother, Travis Dougherty, collaborated with her on two books: Founders’ Fables: Ten Tales for Future Patriots and the award-winning Magnificent Sam: The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston. She also authored The Miracle (with photographs by Deanna Ford), wrote the poetic text for renowned artist Balazs Szabo’s book A Hawaiian Legend of Love and Betrayal, and co-authored The Spirit of Texas history curriculum (winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award) with Yvonne Cumberland. She recently released a Texas history writing prompts book entitled Imagine Texas.

R. Lee Barrett

Prior to the 2012 publication of Barge Pilot, R. Lee Barrett was a writer struggling to escape the body of a lawyer. While still maintaining his legal practice in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, Lee also maintains a light-hearted blog about parenting titled Awfuls and Pannycakes at www.awfulsandpannycakes.blogspot.com.

Risa Brown

In a writing career best described as “hit or miss,” Risa Brown’s first book was God Loves Me, a personalized children’s book where a computer program inserts a child’s name throughout the story. Since then, she has published three professional books for librarians and fourteen series non-fiction books for the education market. She has two children’s non-fiction books coming out next year. She is passionate about non-fiction and research, yet for something completely different, she publishes romantic suspense under the pseudonym Risa Leigh.

Her day job is part-time college librarian at Texas Wesleyan University, where this book takes place, and she sings in two choirs. She spends as much time as possible with her grandsons. She lives in Arlington.

Tamika Reynolds

In a career that is blooming, Tamika Reynolds is one of many young American writers celebrating her first published book, A Whirlwind of Life; Genres of Poetry, a variety of poems on life, love, family and so much more. Tamika has established herself as a writer who can passionately motivate and inspire others through her writing. Each category reflects the changes she has endured as a young, black woman, mother, companion, friend, business owner and poet. With a passion for writing, Tamika is working on her second book, Luck in the Hearts.

Tamika is a 2011 graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a 2019 graduate with a Master in Business Administration from Texas Wesleyan University. Her day job is a full-time administrative assistant to the dean at Texas Wesleyan University Tamika. She is also the owner and lead event planner of Event Planning by Tamika. She spends much of her time with her teenage boys and niece. She lives in Fort Worth.

To learn more about Tamika and her books, visit her website at https://tareynolds25.wixsite.com/tamikareynolds/about

Leo Bados Jr

An immigrant from San Pedro Sula, Honduras that moved to the U.S. with his parents and siblings in 2005. Leo Bados Jr persistently chased the american dream and became a published author, leader, expert sales trainer, businessman, and consultant for start up entrepreneurs in the United States.

Leo is also the Founder of Agent to Agency QL (forinsurancepeople.com). A platform and software management company that allows insurance brokers to build, own and lead their potential or current insurance agency in a completely new way. He has been able to continually apply his online expertise to insurance brokers all across the United States. He is introducing the idea of efficient connection of today’s technology, for a more profitable future with insurance people.

Hank Sinatra

Hank graduated high school with honors academically and in sports. He enrolled in college in 1963 and, after a year, dropped out to volunteer for the US Army. He finished first in his class at the NCO Academy and went to Officers Candidate School. He then went to Vietnam and turned twenty-one there. After the Army, Hank bought a Harley and hit the highways and byways. He is an accomplished guitarist and blues harmonica player. He eventually sold his motorcycle and moved to Montana to fulfill his boyhood dream of being a cowboy. He worked in Montana for seven years as a ranch hand. He then moved to Missouri and spent another ten years as a cowboy. During his time in Missouri, he was a member of a local group and acted in ten plays and directed three. After moving to Texas, Hank turned to acting in commercials and movies. He then enrolled in Texas Wesleyan in 2002 and graduated with a BA degree in English with a writing concentration. He has written poems, songs, which he performed all over the country, plays, and now fiction. As a young Italian-American, he grew up in New Jersey. His first novel, “The Bone-Handled Stiletto,” covers the Mafia, FBI, Italian Immigrants, RICO Laws, and Witness Protection. It is available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback. He has finished his second novel and is going through the editing process. It should be released before Easter.

LaNena Bennett

LaNena Bennett 57-year-old black female from Fort Worth Texas. Attended school at O.D. Wyatt High School. I enjoy cooking, writing, working out. My second book A Ghetto Halloween was published in August of last year.