About Perry Cockerell

Perry Cockerell (1955 – ) was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He is a practicing attorney handling civil and appellate litigation in Texas. He is a retired Navy Reserve Commander who served on active duty during three wars during his military career. A frequent author and speaker in the legal circles, his book A Private War was his first novel released in 2016. The sequel,  A Private War II was released in 2017. The final installment of the Private War trilogy, Tatiana’s War, was released in 2019.

Although a work of fiction, his first novel was inspired by the life of Ollie Stewart, the first black journalist to cover the European Campaign during World War II. The novel includes appearances by many journalists who covered the African and European campaigns. Political figures are blended as background into the book’s merging plots. The subsequent books, A Private War II and Tatiana’s War, are post-war stories that diverge into political satire, comedy, and irony that explore post traumatic stress syndrome, as well as exploit the current political scene set during a prior historical era. A subtle underlying concept in the book, emerging in full bloom in Tatiana’s War, explores the hidden meaning of the “law of attraction” and whether that concept is real or only a mind trick, perpetrated on the universe and incompatible with biblical teachings.

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